About Jemma

Hi, I’m Jemma – I’ve been blogging and writing about all things organic since I was diagnosed with a skin condition which left me severely debilitated. The doctors couldn’t come up with any idea as to why I was getting skin eruptions and things went from bad to worse. Luckily, my Mum suggested that I started to eat more healthily (admittedly, I did inhabit Micky D’s a little more than I ought to have done). I started to get an organic box of food delivered every two weeks, and slowly but surely I cut all non-organic food out of my diet.

After about three months, my skin eruptions got better (I’d already stopped the useless creams that the doctor had prescribed) and I’ve had 80% blemish free skin since then!

You could say that I’m an organic advocate. I truly believe that a lifestyle that strives to be 100% organic has helped me overcome my condition – and I think it can help a lot of people out there too! So, baby steps and all that…hope you enjoy reading my blog, which I hope will be the foundations of my organic career!

Jemma Rawleigh, Prescott, Merseyside.

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