Organic Cotton Clothing is a Healthier Option

If you think about cotton fabric the chances are that you assume it’s a completely natural, pure material.  Unfortunately this is far from the truth as conventionally manufactured cotton clothing and products require the use of literally hundreds of hazardous chemicals, pesticides and toxins.   These toxic substances leave traces in the cotton, leading to potentially dangerous side effects and unpleasant health problems. Here’s what the Organic Trade Association has to say about it..

Organic Cotton BabygrowOrganic cotton clothing provides the best alternative to conventionally produced cotton.  Organic cotton plants are grown using natural pesticides designed to keep pests away from crops without killing or harming their natural predators.  Secondary crops such as millet or sunflowers are grown in between the cotton plants to provide natural protection against boll weevils, which are unable to locate the cotton through the thick foliage of the secondary crops.  Conventional cotton production destroys biodiversity, however organic cotton farming has the reverse effect and encourages a higher number of animal and insects species. Dot and Co, a UK based manufacturer of organic baby clothing recently added lots of different ranges to their website, but the blog makes an interesting read!

Thanks to the natural farming and production methods used to make organic cotton clothing, organic cotton is by far the best option for children or adults who suffer from skin or respiratory problems.  As many of the chemicals used in conventional cotton farming are acutely toxic, conventional cotton clothing has been shown to exacerbate many health conditions, including eczema, psoriasis and asthma.

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