Organic Cotton makes fantastic kids clothes

Clothing for babies and children has come a long way over the last few decades and most under-fives now boast a wardrobe that many adults would be envious of!  Stylish, fun and colourful, the children’s clothing industry is worth many millions of pounds in the UK alone.

Cotton is an ideal fabric for baby and children’s clothing: hardwearing, comfortable and easy to wash and care for, clothing manufactured from cotton accounts for the majority kid’s clothes.  Many parents assume that cotton is a natural material and that unlike man-made fabrics such as polyester or nylon, it is a pure product made from cotton plants.  All cotton fabric is, of course, made from cotton fibres, however most people are unaware of the vast amount of pesticides and chemicals that are required to produce conventional cotton.

Organic cotton is the perfect alternative; organic cotton is a pure and natural product, grown and manufactured without the use of chemicals, pesticides and toxins.  Due to the natural nature of organic cotton it makes wonderful children’s clothes that not only look great, they’re safer against a child’s delicate skin.  Babies’ and children’s skin is more sensitive than adults’ and because of the delicate nature of their skin, they are at increased risk of developing health problems that can be triggered or caused by the chemical residues in non-organic cotton.

Studies have shown that non-organic cotton retains alarming amounts of residues of the chemicals that are used during the manufacturing process and that these residues can lead to problems such as rashes and respiratory problems.  These chemical residues can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled and many health problems, including eczema and asthma, can be triggered or exacerbated by non-organic cotton.  Babies can be particularly vulnerable to the side effects of non-organic cotton because their skin is much thinner and therefore more delicate than adults.

Organic cotton makes great children’s clothes because not only is it safer, it’s softer and more hardwearing too.  Many parents find that when they buy organic children’s clothing for the first time that it feels softer than standard cotton; in fact conventional cotton and organic cotton fibres have been compared in studies and organic cotton has been shown to consistently produce superior quality yarn than the standard equivalent.  Whilst is should be acknowledged that organic cotton children’s clothing is often more expensive than non-organic, organic clothing tends to wash and wear far better, making the extra expense a very worthwhile investment.

If you are interested in buying organic cotton clothing for your baby or children, you’ll find that it is now widely available in many high street stores and children’s clothing boutiques.  Whereas organic cotton was once the preserve of specialist shops and suppliers, it is now possible to buy stylish, well-designed organic cotton children’s clothing from several major high street chain stores.

Organic cotton has well and truly shrugged-off its homespun, rustic image and some of the world’s best fashion designers now include organic cotton clothing in many of their collections.  If it’s good enough for haute couture organic cotton is good enough for children’s clothing!  So why not consider buying organic cotton children’s clothing?  Soft, safe and a great way to boost your green credentials, organic cotton is a great way to shop for clothes without impacting on your child’s health or the environment.

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